A short bibliography of Medieval/Renaissance Brewing

This is a short annotated bibliography of books and other materials useful for historical brewing. Some of these materials range up into the 1800s. If you have any additional sources or comments, please mail them to me at lindahl@pbm.com.

Many thanks to Crystal Isaac and Cindy Renfrow for providing almost all these entries!

See also the Bibliography on the History of Brewing.



Acton, B. and Duncan, P. Making Mead - a complete guide to the making of sweet and dry Mead, Melomel. Metheglin, Hippicras, Pyment and Cyser. Published by G.W. Kent Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. (c)1984 by Argus Books Ltd. 1984. ISBN 0-900841-07-9 (CI: Modern. Includes some photographs, index and listing of related titles. Many good recipes but little historical documentation.)

Al-Kindi, Abu Yusuf Ya'qub ibn Isaq (c. 800-870 CE) The Medical Formulary or Aqrabadhin of Al-Kindi: Translated with a Study of its Materia Medica. Translated by Levey, Martin. Published by The University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, WI. 1966. LCCCN 65-12105 (CI: copy, facsimile of original on opposite pages of translation, no pictures)

Al-Samarqandt, Abu Hamanid M.b.A.O. Najib al-Din (d. 1222 CE) The Medical Formulary of Al-Samarqandt and the Relation of Early Arabic Simples to Those Found in Indigenous Medicine of the Near East and India. By Levey, Martin., and Al-Khaledy, Noury. Published by The University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia. 1967. LCCCN 66-14525 (CI: facsimile of original at end, no pictures)

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Anonymous. A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye. (circa 16th cent.) Reprinted in A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks: First Compiled by Duke Cariadoc of the Bow and The Duchess Diana Alena. Sixth Edition (1991) Volume One, published privately. (CI: a few caudle recipes)

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*Anthimus. De Observatio Ciborum. circa 526. Translated by Weber, Shirley Howard (Anthimus, De Observatio Ciborum: Text, Commentary, and Glossary with a Study of the Latinity. A Dissertation...) published by E. J. Brill Ltd., Leiden 1924. (CI: copy of English translation, glossary and index, 6th century letter from a Byzantine physician to Theoderic, King of the Franks. Mentions milk, tisane, mead and wine)

Apicius. Apicius de re Coquinaria. Translated by Flower, Barbara and Rosenbaum, Elisabeth. The Roman Cookery Book: A critical translation of the Art of Cooking by Apicius for use in the study and the kitchen. Published by the British Book Center, New York 1958. (CI: Several recipes for spiced wine)

Arnald of Villanova, (1235-1311). The Earliest Printed Book on Wine. translated from the German edition by Sigerist, Henry E. Published by Schuman's New York 1943 (CI: Lots of wine and spiced wine recipes, a brief comment on beer)

Atlas, Alia, translator. *Daz Buoch von Guoter Spise. (circa 1345-1354CE) Reprinted in A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookery Books. Volume II by Friedman, David (Sir Cariadoc of the Bow) Published privately. (CI: one mead recipe) [available on the web]

Austin, Gregory A. Alcohol in Western Society from Antiquity to 1800: A Chronological History. Published by ABC-CLIO Santa Barbara, CA. (c)1985 Gregory Austin. ISBN 0-87436-418-3 (CI: Modern, mostly legal and church sources. Austin quotes some sources that are not well documented)

Austin, Thomas, editor. *Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books Harleian MS 279 (ab. 1430), & Harl. MS. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole MS 1429, Laud MS 553, & Douce MS. 55. Published for the Early English Text Society by N. Trübner & Co., London 1888. (CI: untranslated, unadapted, includes excellent glossary. Some caudle and spiced wine recipes)

Benson, Evelyn Abraham, ed. Penn Family Recipes, Cooking Recipes of Wm. Penn's Wife, GULIELMA. George Shumway, Publisher. York, Pennsylvania, 1966. Contains the MS. cookbook: "My Mother's Recaipts for Cookerys Presarving and Chyrurgery - William Penn" signed "Here ends the book of Coockary in great hast transcrided by Edward Blackfan the 25th of October 1702." (CR: Gulielma Penn died in 1694 at the age of 50, so this collection of recipes should rightly be dated circa 1664-94.)

Bevan, Edward 1838, The Honey Bee. [2nd edition]: 447 pp. Chapter XXVIII: pp. 278-290: "Mead] Van Voorst paternoster, London

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Digby, Sir Kenelme. The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digby Kt. Opened: Whereby is Discovered Several ways for making of Metheglin, Sider, Cherry-Wine, &c. Together with Excellent Directions for Cookery: As also for Preserving, Conserving, Candying, &c. Published by his Son's Consent. Printed by E. C. for H. Brome, at the Star in Little Britain. London, 1669.

Fettiplace, Elanor. Elanor Fettiplaces's Recipt Book: Elizabethian Country House Cooking. edited by Spurling, Hiliary. Published by Elisabeth Sifton Books: Viking, New York, New York. 1986. (CI: must be read carefully, many recipes from 1700's)

Friedman, David (Master Sir Cariadoc of the Bow), and Cook, Elizabeth (Mistress Elizabeth of Dendermonde). Elizabeth and Cariadoc's Miscellany. Published privately. Chicago, IL. 1990 (CI: several non-alcoholic beverages and one spiced wine)

Furnivall, Fredrick J., editor. *Early English Meals and Manners: John Russell's Boke of Nurture, ... William Vaughan's Fifteen Directions to Preserve Health ... The Babees Book...&c. Published for the Early English Text Society by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., England 1894 (CI: period cartoons!, descriptions of how to prepare spiced wines)

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Hess, Karen. Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery and Booke of Sweetmeats. Published by Columbia University Press. NY 1995. ISBN 0-231-04931-5 (CI: some cool syrup recipes)

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Hinson, Janet. translator. Le Ménagier De Paris (circa. 1393) Reprinted in A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookery Books. Volume II by Friedman, David (Sir Cariadoc of the Bow) Published privately. (CI: This is the only translation that includes the beverage section)

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Markham, Gervase. The English Huf-wife, contayning the inward and outward vertues which ought to be in a compleat woman.... Originally published in 1615. Republished as The English Housewife edited by Best, Michael R., Published by McGill-Queen's University Press 1986. ISBN 0-7735-0582-2. (CI: sections on brewing)

May, Robert. The Accomplisht Cook or The Art and Mystery of Cookery. Fourth edition, 1678. Published by Falconwood Press. (c)1992 Susan J. Evans 193 Colonie Street Albany, New York 12210-2501 (CI: a few mead and spiced wine recipes)

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Pichon, Jérome, ed. Le Ménagier de Paris, Traité De Morale Et D'économie Domestique Composé Vers 1393, Par Un Bourgeois Parisien; Contenant Des préceptes moraux, quelques faits historiques, des instructions sur l'art de diriger une maison, des reuseignemens sur la consommation du Roi, des Princes et de la ville de Paris, à la fin du quatorzième siècle, des conseils sur le jardinage et sur le choix des chevaux; un traité de cuisin= e fort étendu, et un autre non moins complet sur la chasse à l'épervier. Ensemble: L'histoire de Griséldis, Mellibée et Prudence par Albertan de Brescia (1246), traduit par frère Renault de Louens; et le chemin de Povreté et de Richesse, poëme composé, en 1342, par Jean Bruyant, notaire au Chàtelet de Paris; Publié Pour La Premiére Fois Par La Société Des Bibliophiles François. Tome Second. A Paris, De L'imprimerie de Crapelet, Rue de Vaugirard, 9. 1846.

Plat, Sir Hugh. Delights for Ladies, To adorn their perfons, Tables, Clofets and Diftillatoriess with Beavties, Banqvets, Perfumes & Waters. Published London, 1609. Reprinted in A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks: First Compiled by Duke Cariadoc of the Bow and The Duchess Diana Alena. Sixth Edition (1991) Volume One, published privately.

Pouncy, Carolyn Johnston, ed. The Domostroi, Rules for Russian Households in the Time of Ivan the Terrible. Cornell Univ. Press. Ithaca, New York, 1994. (CR: A new book with at least 10 recipes for mead and beer.)

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The Queen's Closet Opened. Incomparable Secrets in Physick, Chirurgery, Preserving, Candying, and Cookery, etc. By W.M., Cook to Queen Henrietta Maria. London, 1655.

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Renfrow, Cindy. A Sip Through Time: A Collection of Old Brewing Recipes. Published Privately. 1993. (c)1994 by Cindy Renfrow. LCCCN TX-4-019-890 (CI: mostly American colonial era)

AK: This book contains over 400 recipes from Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome, through medieval Europe and into the later centuries as far as the 1800s. There are recipes for ale, beer, mead, metheglin, cider, perry, brandy, liqueurs, distilled waters, hypocras, wines, caudles, possets, and syllabubs...to take a line from the book. There also is an appendix listing the herbs and fruits with warnings about those which might cause health problems.

Renfrow gives the original recipe and its source, with date. So, you will know whether it is within "period" and in what cookery (or other) book it appeared. Her earliest is Sumerian ale from around 1800 _B.C._.

The chapters are : Ales and Beers; Meads, Hydromels & Metheglins; Wines; Caudles, Possets & Syllabubs; Brandies, Liqueurs & Distilled Waters; Cider and Perry; Hypocras; Methods & Cures. There is an appendix as I mentioned as well as a bibliography and list of sources. It is 335 pages and costs $20.00 US. New Jersey residents have to add their 6% sales tax. Checks should be payable to Cindy and sent to her address.

Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair. A Garden of Herbs. Circa 1922. Rpt. Dover Publications, Inc. New York, 1969. (CR: Contains lots of old recipes.)

Sambrook, Pamela. Country House Brewing in England 1500-1900. Published by The Hambledon Press, London 1996.

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Spence, Pamela. Mad About Mead! : Nectar of the Gods. Published by Llewellyn Publications, October 1, 1997. ISBN: 1567186831.

Taillevent, Guillaume Tirel dit (1315?-1395). Le viandier de Guillaume Tirel dit Taillevent. Translated by Prescott, James. published as Le Viandier de Taillevent: 14th Century Cookery Second Edition. Published by Alfarhaugr Publishing Society, Eugene, OR, c1989 ISBN 0-9623719-1-2 (CI: one caulde recipe)

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Wittich, Boris 1981, A Taste of Honey. (English translation by Sara Moncur from German): 92 pp. Drinks [Includes Mead and wine recipes]: pp. 83-92. Sherborne, Dorset, Britain.

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