Images from Arbeau (1589) [inline]

[ The US Library of Congress has an online facsimile of all of Arbeau's Orchesography. There is also an online facsimile.]

These images come from what I believe are facsimile reproductions from Arbeau reprinted in the Dover edition of Arbeau. They were scanned in black and white at 150 dots per inch.

Drummer, drum

Drummer, pikeman

Drummer, 2 flutes, 2 pikemen

Pipe and tabor player



Man looking bored


Pieds Joints

Pieds Joints Oblique Droit / Gauche

Pieds Largis

Pieds Largis Oblique Droit / Gauche

Reverence Passagiere Droite / Gauche

Pied Croise Droit / Gauche

Marque Pied Droit / Gauche

Marque Talon Droit / Gauche

Greve Droite / Gauche or Pied En L-Air Droit / Gauche

Ruade Droite / Gauche

Ru De Vache Droit / Gauche

Posture Droite / Gauche


Fiddle (?)

Sword Dancers: Feincte, Estocade, Taille haulte, Reuers hault

Sword Dancers: Taille basse, Reuers bas

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