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Notice of Copyright

All dances contained in this collection are copyright 1997, by Russell G. Almond. License is granted for use as stated below.

License for Use

The author, Russell G. Almond, grants license for use of the songs and dances contained on his portion of this World Wide Web site to the licensee (the reader or downloader) as follows:

  1. The licensee may download the works and make copies as necessary for study and performance.
  2. The licensee may distribute copies of the work with the copyright notice and with attribution.
  3. The licensee may perform the work in public, including performances for hire.
  4. The licensee may create derivative works based on these works and charge reasonable fees for their use.

The author specifically reserves the following rights.

  1. The right to included these rights in printed or electronic anthologies (permission can be obtained from the author at
  2. The right to later restrict the license for use of these works.

What this means

I enjoy performing Renaissance dance, both as a performer and as a musician. One of the ways of encouraging these activities is to make music available to instructors and musicians. These works are therefore my gift to you. I only ask that you treat them with respect and don't file off the attribution.

I have specifically reserved the right to include these works in an anthology, only because I want would be anthologist to contact me first to ensure that they get the latest version. (I would also ask for a copy of the anthology as the "fee" for the permission to use the works.) If you have any questions, please send me email at

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