Domenico da Piacenza's Of the Art of Dancing

This manuscript is usually referred to as PnD, and resides in the Paris Bibliothèque Nationale, f. Ital 972. It dates from roughly 1425 A.D.

A transcription of this manuscript has been published in:

Smith, A William. Fifteenth-Century Dance and Music; The Complete Transcribed Treatises and Collections in the Domenico Piacenza Tradition. Pendragon Press, 1996. Volume 1, pages 8-67.

Volume 2 of Smith contains a dance concordance, including material from this manuscript.

Most of these dances are reconstructed in Joy and Jealousy.

Some additional commentary on this source can be found in Two Suggestions for Reading PnD (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, f. Ital. 972)

You can download the entire document as a printable pdf (5.1 megabytes).

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