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Email: erik@wyrldscape.com [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: As posted, averages daily
Type: fantasy role playing
URL: http://wyrldscape.com [ dead link ]
Costs: $0
Last-Update: 2000Jul30
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


The Wyrld rung like a bell, and its echoes became realities of their own, other worlds, places, and things. Still, at the center of it all sits the Wyrld, a place more strongly real, more completely alive, that any other.

It is a Wyrld replete with elves and ogres, magic and mania, adventure and adversaries like any other, but it also boasts cities and merchant houses for the more settled person, as well as unknown races and lost continents for the tameless of heart.

Come visit another Wyrld, and find yourself along the way.


Wyrldscape is a well developed role playing Wyrld with dedicated moderation. Play in the Wyrld varies from gritty realism to high fantasy and has nearly infinite room for advancement and improvement, both in character and out.

The Wyrldscape Staff believes in promoting from within the game and looks for excellent players to become its newest moderators.


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