War of the Dark God

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Type: fantasy wargame
Duration: close ended
Frequency: once per 2 weeks
GM: computer moderated
Costs: 2 pounds/turn
URL: http://www.pbem.dk/wotdg/ [ dead link ]
Email: info@pbem.dk [ok]
Email: titan.pbm@virgin.net (UK licensee)
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, computer, wargame, fantasy
Last-Update: 2000Oct06


"War of the Dark God" is a fantasy wargame scenario in the pb(e)m system COSMOS. Sixteen nations in two alliances vie for domination of their continent and for control of seven power spots that are the key to the future of their world.

A game lasts until one alliance holds all seven power spots or until 24 turns have been played, whichever is less. Each turn you receive a text report as well as a graphical map, both available in various formats. An email autoresponder checks submitted turns for errors and immediately sends a receipt.

The game features units which are either individual characters or army troop types and can be freely combined in forces. The order system is very flexible and works on a continuous time basis, i.e. orders not finished in one turn will continue into the next. "War of the Dark God" is mainly a wargame scenario although it does have some role-playing elements.


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