VGA Planets 3.0

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URL: [ dead link ]
Duration: closed-ended
GM: computer
Status: over 53,000 licensed copies -- 10,000 in last 18 months
Keywords: free-moderation, closed-ended, email, gui, computer, wargame, economic, space
Last-Update: 1998Mar26


A shareware multi-player strategic space game for PC-Clones. You control a race of beings attempting to conquer the universe. Players use a graphical interface to enter their turns, and then send a binary file to the moderator, who runs them through a program that processes the turn. A review of version 2.1 appears in PBEM volume 92 # 6. Keep in mind that lower ship numbers get to attack first -- this isn't mentioned in the manuals, and it's important to take this into account.


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