Terra Fallita

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Email: rirvine@hotmail.com
Frequency: Twice a week
Type: Fantasy Roleplaying, Free Form, Medieval,
Costs: Free
Last-Update: 2000Feb03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg, abstract


The days are harsh in the parched peninsula of Terra Fallita. The lands to the west are long dead through years of abuse and destruction, the deserts and scrubs forbidding to all but the hardened natives. The west coast is relatively fertile, with a few scattered scraps of woodland left, but still the farmers have to struggle to scrape a living from land which they know is only a few generations from meeting the same end as that of the east. As a result of the growing agricultural poverty, the coastal towns have swelled greatly in size, with a thriving fishing industry attempting to feed the land, and merchants gathering exotic goods from lands in every direction. However, with urban expansion came the slums, and with the slums came urban misery, to the point where the poor are trapped between a hopeless future on dying farms or a hopeless future in the faceless cities.

And in their hopeless lives, all have forgotten of the lost glory of their once verdant lands, and every night the Octarchs of the land and the self-proclaimed gentry emerge from their fortresses to enforce their rule.


Terra Fallita is a Free Form PBeM. We're looking for a couple of good roleplayers to join this game. It will be run with players adding their section to the story in turn, obviously speaking from their characters point of view, almost like a group writing a book. There are two character limitations: You can't be God, or a god, and you can't be an Elf (because we've already got one, and one is MORE than enough). We prefer long posts, so only apply if you're willing to write more decent sized turns. Despite the quasi-italian name, it is in Engliah (some people have asked this). If you're interested send your character profile to rirvine@hotmail.com with your characters name, race, description and background.


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