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Type: Internet robot war game
Duration: open ended
Frequency: once per day
GM: computer moderated
Costs: free
URL: http://www.faraway.co.uk/tartarus.html
Email: support@faraway.co.uk [ bouncing email address ]
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, www, computer, wargame, space
Last-Update: 2000Nov02


The game gives each player control of a Titan clan, they must nurture their forces, directing the spawning of the next generation to advance tech levels while fighting for the right to the bio-mass fields.

Each Titan contains five major inter-related systems. Incoming salvos will splash against the shielding or get past the defenses to drill through to the internals, vaporizing systems with nano hunger. Frantic damage control can revive the Titan to fight another day, or they can fight to the death, attempting to cripple the opposition for other forces to finish off.

The game world grows with the number of players, thousands can easily be supported.

A turn is processed each day, and all communication from game server to game client is either email based for off line play or html based to get and send your orders while on-line.

First two weeks of play are free and have no obligation, so if you would like to give it a shot please go to the web site, start up the game client and join the game.

Faraway Games
56 Meadowcroft
St Albans, Herts. AL1 1UF


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