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Type: Science Fiction Simulation
Duration: 20-25 turns.
Frequency: 2 week turn around. Slow (monthly) turnaround also available. Occasionaly weekly tournament games.
GM: Computer moderated.
Costs: $5 setup, $4.50 per turn. Rulebook $2. Free trial game available.
URL: [ dead link ]
Last-Update: 2003Jan26
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, gui, snail, email, fax, computer, wargame, space


Award winning (over six awards from at least 4 different organizations) space game of colonization & empire. Different victory conditions for different players. Lots of variants available. Six different player types, 15 players per game. Over 1,500 games have been run to completion by Flying Buffalo Inc.


Classic! Lots of ways to win, for diplomats and generals alike. - (Michael Minnotte)

Lots of diplomacy, game system simple but not trivial. I like it. - (Mark Purtill)

Not just lots of diplomacy but **LOTS** of diplomacy -- but remember, that's usually by phone (FBI also has blind, net, and other variants). My phone bill was too high! - (Alan Mead)

I've encountered folk both young (less than 15) and old (sixties and beyond) and they all have been interesting. Starweb attracts an interesting playership -- and the game is fun too! Not too complicated, an acceptable amount of details to keep track of, and interesting people to meet and cooperate with -- and against! I've been playing for over twenty years (and boy am I tired...) The company (Flying Buffalo Inc) is very customer-oriented. - (Donald McEntee) Oct 29, 1998

Flying Buffalo, Inc.
P. O. Box 8467
Scottsdale, AZ 85252
(480) 945-6917


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