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Type: Strategic game of Gladiatorial Combat
Duration: open ended
Frequency: three times per week
GM: computer moderated
Costs: First 12 turns free, and then US 10 cents per warrior per fight
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, computer, www, fantasy, gui, sports
Last-Update: 1998Feb20
Status: Over 400 Gladiators in 3 arenas


Pathocrom is Strategic Game of Arena Combat, where you create Gladiators, choose their race, equip them in armour and weapons, then send them out to battle others from across the globe.

Pit your strategy and wits against others to see who lives and who dies. Your warriors fight for supremacy 3 times every week. Whether you win or lose, you continually grow stronger and more skillful with every battle unless you die!

Lively message boards for you to interact with the other players and or boast of your past victories. With some luck and a lot of skill you may become the arena Champion!

Innovative Games
6285 E. Spring St. Suite #246
Long Beach, CA 90808


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