Monster Island

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Type: Fantasy Exploration
Cost: $1/turn or 0.50 UKP/turn
Duration: Open-ended
Frequency: Every 8 business days
GM: Computer
URL: (Europe)
URL: (US) [ dead link ]
URL: (mailing list)
Email: (UK/Europe)
Email: (US) [ bouncing email address ]
Last-Update: 1998Mar03
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, computer, email, snail, fantasy


** Got a taste for an exotic holiday destination? **

The trip of a lifetime to a gorgeous tropical paradise. Unspoilt beaches, miles of free real estate, warm tropical breezes. You will be washed up on the beach of a beautiful tropical island. Or is it? When your travel guide fails to turn up you will soon realise that this is a one way ticket.

But don't hang around - you're being watched.

You think your troubles are over once you've washing ashore. Oh no! With your favourite sword lost beneath the ocean waves and a 12 foot Octopaw staring at you with a craving for your eyeballs as hors d'oeuvres, they've only just started. Welcome to Monster Island!


The main part of this game is the fun figuring things out, learning how to use your new stuff and read about all the strange things a monster can do for survival. It is intriguing to first kill the strangest monster ever, and find that you can use its eyeballs to heal your wounds, or make armour from its skin. I did play the game for a while, but was not extatic about it. It was fun, but I'd rather play it alone on my computer. The common opinion is that you will not get or have any reason for communicating with your fellow players before you have played several dozens of turns, and what is then the point playing a game play-by-mail if you don't interact with lots of players? This is the reason I quit, but I happen to know that many don't share my idea of PBM (as a matter of fact, I seem to encounter lots of players in all games, that enjoy playing games without diplomacy or anything), so for those, it's a good game. As you get far into the inland, you will need allies better so, if you endure the drawbacks, you will have lots of fun. -- Kjetil Friden <> (1996Oct01)


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