Miller Systems WW2 Campaign

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Type: Global Strategy
Duration: about 70 turns
Frequency: once per Month
GM: human moderated
Costs: US$50 to register, US$20/turn, US$15/turn for additional commands
Email: [ok]
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, human, snail, wargame, historical
Last-Update: 2004Oct22


Major powers include Japan, the USSR, Germany, Italy, France, British Commonwealth & the USA. Players may choose to be the Political Leader, a General, an Admiral, or any combination of the 3. Once minimal registration is achieved, minors such as KMT, Red China, Turkey, Teams & positions will be awarded to those who offer to take the most paying positions for any power. Registration is $50US. This includes rules and our copy-righted color wall maps for your own war-rooms. Every command is $20US. $15 for every additional command. Turn-over rate is one Month for one Month game time.

Mr. Leigh Miller
344 Lady MacDonald Crescent
Canmore, Alberta

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