Middle Earth Play by Mail

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Email: me@middleearthgames.com [ok]
Frequency: 14 days
Type: Fantasy Wargame
URL: http://www.middleearthgames.com/ (UK, US, and Australia/Asian) [ dead link ]
URL: http://www.middleearthpbm.co.uk/ (Player-run run page) [ dead link ]
Costs: £3.90
Last-Update: 2000Jun23
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, snail, computer, fantasy, wargame, economic, gui


Middle Earth - Multi-Award Winning Wargame

The sweep and grandeur of Tolkien's Middle-earth brought vividly to life in an award-winning gaming system

A postal and email game designed to simulate the logistical, tactical and strategic battles between the military nations of Middle-earth.

Outmanoeuvre enemy armies, picking your fights carefully. Outwit opposing generals through tactical choices when battle is joined.

Build and manage your economy, balancing your tax deficit and manipulating the markets.

Defend your empire against enemy attacks.

Long term wargame, lasts 12-24 months. Co-ordinate with up to 10 allied commanders and negotiate with neutral nations.

Free front-end software. Includes order writer, order checker, mapping program, databases to store position information, and much more.


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