Hyborian War

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Type: fantasy wargame
Duration: 35-50 turns
Frequency: fortnightly or monthly
GM: computer moderated
Costs: US$5.00/US$7.00/US$9.00 for small/medium/large kingdoms
URL: http://www.reality.com/ [ dead link ]
URL: http://warbarron.com/ User-run forums website [ dead link ]
URL: http://grimfinger.net/ User-run site with all 36 player set-up reports [ dead link ]
Email: RSI@reality.com
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, snail, email, computer, fantasy, wargame
Last-Update: 1997Jul20


Hyborian War is a game of battle, intrigue, and diplomacy set in the unmatchable Hyborian Age of Conan. You will rule one of over thirty different kingdoms recreated from the Conan legend. Each land is unique with its own armies, leaders, trade, culture, and imperial ambitions. Nobles, generals, wizards, heroes, spies, priests, and armies will carry out your commands to rule and expand your chosen kingdom. May Crom smile upon you!

Reality Simulations Inc.
P.O. Box 22400
Tempe, AZ 85285-2400
United States
(602) 967-7979
Reality Simulations Inc.
GPO Box 1066
Brisbane QLD 4001
(07) 3891 1191

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