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Type: strategic, economic/military, space opera setting
Duration: typically 50-80 turns
Frequency: typically 1 or 2 per week
URL: (Galaxy Explorer) [ dead link ]
URL: (Blind Galaxy) [ dead link ]
URL: (Blind Galaxy) [ dead link ]
URL: (Galaxy PBW) [ dead link ]
Cost: free
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, computer, wargame, space, opensource
Last-Update: 2003Mar15


The game typically takes place on a 100x100 to 1000x1000 2D map with a few hundred planets and 5 to 50 players. Players compete to capture planets, which can be used for economic expansion. Technology purchases allow ships to fly farther and fight more effectively. Most versions of Galaxy are open source. Tools for reading turn reports, displaying maps and submitting orders are available; see the web pages for details.

GalaxyNG and GalaxyPLUS have their own separate PBM List entries.

Blind Galaxy: Players only get information at planets where they have ships and thus receive limited information on the capabilities and activities of the other players. Ships can be built with partial technology at a cheaper cost. Blind Galaxy features a wraparound map and a double-blind mailer.

Galaxy Explorer: All combat is simultaneous - every ship fires in combat resulting in much bloodier battles as well as occasional battles with no survivors. Galaxy Explorer features limited information and partial-technology ship building, similar to Blind Galaxy.

Galaxy PBW: The game is played entirely on the web. Galaxy PBW is a port of Blind Galaxy to Java. All interaction with the game is through the Galaxy PBW web site.

Galaxy PLUS: This game is very popular in Russia. Galaxy PLUS players take the game very seriously.

GalaxyG: GalaxyG was a variant that never made it past the beta stages.


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