Galactic Conqueror

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Type: strategic, economic/military, space opera setting
Duration: typically 25-30 turns
Frequency: typically 1 per week
Email: (Harry Zimmermann) [ok]
URL: [ dead link ]
Cost: free
Status: no games currently running
Language: german and english
Keywords: german, free, closed-ended, email, gui, computer, wargame, space
Last-Update: 2009Feb12


[ No games are currently running (Feb 12, 2009) ]

Galactic Conqueror is strategic SF-PBeM-Game for up to 50 players. Each player starts the game with a small fleet of starships and is the owner of one of several hundred planets. The winner is determined by an point system which gives points for specific actions each turn. The first player who reaches a pre-set winning score will be the winner of the game. Since there are almost no trade options in the game, player interaction mostly concerns negotiations about borders and coordination of attacks or defense. Players can:

o invest in science

o build industrial facilities and strongholds on planets

o build ships (26 different classes)

o attack enemy or neutral planets

o engage in espionage or corruption

o and much more...

At the start of the game, each player can see only 4-10 planets, whose coordinates are given relative to his own starting-planet. Every time a new planet is conquered, all planets up to a given distance from this new one are revealed.

The rules and graphical clients for PC Clones, Unix/X11, and the Atari ST can be ftped from the ftp sites. The clients are graphical point-and-click interfaces to the game. You could play without a client, but this is not recommended. The rules are available in German and English, and the turn results can be presented in either language. Whether or not you can negotiate with the other players is your problem...


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