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Email: lordroky@hotmail.com
Frequency: every day
Type: Roleplaying AD&D
Costs: none
Last-Update: 2000Jun22
Keywords: free, open-ended, human, fantasy, rpg, email


In starting I'd like to say that my world has been built from scratch, and it contains many different ideas, some borrowed from books, some thought up by myself.

As for the rules we will play by, these were taken mainly from AD@D and MERP and mixed to make combat and roleplaying easier, and a hell of a lot more fun. Alot of roleplaying will be done, but there will be no shortage of combat situations. I plan to update posts daily and will give the players an unbelievable picture as to the setting and area they are presently in.

I plan to use skills as the basis of a character and use simple dice roles everytime something is done by that character. I will do alot of dice rolling myself, for example, a character walking past a hidden door....or i will let the character role.....depends on the speed of posting.

I have all races found in AD@D and have a few of my own inventions. Your character should be human and have picked out 3 skills that he/she would have from their appropriate background. You will have to build your character from nothing....a farmer, fisherman....whatever. You will earn skills if you practice them or are taught. As for what class you can be, you can make it up for all I care, as long as it's interesting. My world contains everything from characters with The One Power, to assassins special trained to kill mages. If you'd like, run an idea by me!

If you are interested, or have any questions (this was a small summary)........contact me. Please include your character idea and its appropriate background.


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