Empire Deluxe

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Type: wargame
Duration: closed ended
Frequency: varies
GM: computer
Costs: free moderation
URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/empire-deluxe/ [ dead link ]
URL: http://www.givoni.com/empire/ (Empire Deluxe Ladder) [ dead link ]
Keywords: free-moderation, closed-ended, email, computer, wargame, modern
Last-Update: 2002May24


Empire Deluxe is a turn-based strategic global-domination wargame with stylized units where up to 6 players strive for conquest of a planet that can be randomly generated or created using a map/scenario editor included in the program. Basic game play involves each player starting with one city and no knowledge of global terrain. Each city produces one type (player choice) of land (i.e., infantry, armor), sea (i.e., destroyer, submarine, cruiser, battleship, carrier, troop transport), or air unit (i.e., fighter, bomber). These units are used to explore the map, conquer other cities (neutral or enemy) and destroy enemy units. Game ends when there is only one player left due to elimination or resignation of opponents' .

Play by email is accomplished by saving the binary file to local hard disk and then transferring the file (usually by email attachment) to the player whose turn is next. Since the binary file is standardized, opponents can be using any combination of Macintosh, DOS, and Windows versions of the games. A webpage is available for those who wish to understand more about the mechanics of sending the binary file as an email attachment.

Players can find opponents by asking on the Yahoo group.


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