Birthright The Second War of the Shadow

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Frequency: 3 months of Game Time over 1 month of Real Time
Type: AD&D RPG Fantasy Wargame Story
Costs: FREE for all
Last-Update: 2000Apr06
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, wargame, economic, rpg


The Game is Set in the AD&D fantasy setting of Birthright. In Birthright the players take the role of a Regent, King, Queen, Duke, Baron, or Count. It is the role of the player to control their kingdom though Economics, Diplomacy and when all else fails War.

There are many Kingdoms to rule, some are just Temples or Guilds that are in many kingdoms. You many also control Source Mages, who tap the magical nature of the Lands and cast very powerful Spells.

If you have the AD&D rules you can join today. If you have the Birthright rule you are more than likely going to enjoy this PBEM.

For more details send me an E-mail, with your experience and Birthright knowledge. I will reply to all.


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