Battle Plan

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Email: [ok]
Frequency: every two weeks or once a month
Type: Wargame - conquer Europe
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: $5 to join, $3.50 per turn
Last-Update: 2000May03
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, snail, fax, computer, modern, historical, wargame, economic


War takes place on a map of Europe (variant map: South America) among 4-8 players trying to conquer 29 countries. You can build army, navy, air force, missiles, abms, and more industry. You can spend your cash on research, spy networks, counterspies, or propaganda. The object is to occupy or conquer all 29 countries, or otherwise elminiate all the other players from the game. This is an "area movement" strategic game with each "space" on the map generally a country. Production is a very important part of the game.

This is the precursor game to WORLD WIDE BATTLE PLAN and 1939 BATTLE PLAN.

Flying Buffalo Inc PO Box 8467 Scottsdale, AZ 85252



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