Serim Ral 2nd Edition

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Email: [ok]
Frequency: 7, 10 or 14 days
Type: fantasy wargames
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: 3.50 GB pounds/turn email or 4.00 GB pounds/turn postal (UK)
Last-Update: 2009Feb09
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, snail, mixed, fantasy, wargame, economic, rpg


Serim Ral has now been totally rewritten by the original programmer and now has many fantastic new features. Our atmospheric Email turns can be sent out in HTML format, which include many unique features such as an order entry program, pop-up navigation aids and useful hyperlinks. RTF and TXT formats are also supported, as is a postal option for UK players. Only Incubus Designs run the Serim Ral 2nd Edition games.

Check out our website- complete with online rulebook, example turns, chatpage and messageboards. See for yourself why we believe Serim Ral is the best pbm/pbem game on the market. Sign up online- quote the reference 'GREG' and receive 4 free turns. You have nothing to lose. Now Guaranteed More Fun than Ever Before*.

There are now several variations of 'Serim Ral' to choose from-

SERIM RAL RENAISSANCE: A traditional fantasy game, set in a mythical world strewn with hidden islands and huge continents. In Serim Ral Renaissance you begin with a small castle and a party of Wizards, Fighters, Thieves, Priests and Rangers, each of whom can command your loyal troops to glorious victory or devastating defeat. Establish a world-spanning empire by erecting huge castles; building fleets of mighty warships, and crushing your enemy on the bloody road to conquest.

THE DEEP DOMINIONS: Far beneath the sunlit realms of Serim Ral exists a murky labyrinth of colossal caverns and twisting tunnels, formed in the days of yore when the gods strode the land and mighty earthquakes split the ground asunder. The denizens of this gloomy subterranean world have uniquely evolved to survive their dismal fate. With you as their leader, their eons old battle for domination may yet be accomplished.Dare you descend into the depths of the Deep Dominions?

KELTICA: Enter the land of Keltica and re-forge the destiny of ancient Britain. Walk in the footsteps of Celtic heroes, striving for the dominance of your tribe in a world of raw magic, mighty deeds and fickle gods. A world where heroes and champions battle, druids summon allies from the Otherworld and Bards sing magical songs of mystic import. This is the world in which the Celts ruled and the Romans were just a distant rumour. You must unite or conquer the Celtic tribes, build up your settlements, recruit mystic creatures and reclaim artefacts of arcane ability.

We can now accept payments by CREDIT CARD (via the PayPal system).

* This guarantee is given with the condition that we (incubus Designs) are sole evaluators of the subjective nature of fun, and for the purposes of this promotion `Ever Before' has arbitrarily been given a fun rating of zero ;)


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