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Frequency: 3,5 turns per week and more often
Type: fantasy funny wargame
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: free
Last-Update: 2001Apr12
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, computer, fantasy, gui, wargame, economic


History: Three times in a year in a midnight hares mowing brave-grass ( TrynTrava) to became brave. You a head of the your hares herd, you need to collect nessesary amount of grass faster than other herds, also you need to protect your herd from ecologic catastrophe.

Forest lives by ecologic laws, you and other heads of the herds can use magic for control forest. Every herd has own oak-wisard. Leaves from this oak are magic spells. Every turn you can choose one spell to cast.

This is game is playing now only in RUSSIAN not in ENGLISH. May be we will make it in ENGLISH sometimes...

For Greg Lindahl:

This game is quite similar by structure to Singularity, and was made because Scott Turner didn't give me code of Singulatiry for russian variant of the game :)

This game is Playing by e-Mail whith GUI ( frankly, quite simple) and undependently is Playing by Web, so I picked and GUI and www above.


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