Universal Soccer

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Email: socceruniversal@hotmail.com
Frequency: one per week
Type: Soccer manager
Costs: free
Last-Update: 2001Apr09
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, mixed, modern, sports


Its a pretty simple game. Maybe it will get more complecated after the first season. The reason is that it should not take forever to submit orders for one turn.

It will be played with one or more divisons. As said before it will be pretty simple but things that is included is team selection, transfer, training, newsletters, injuries, message board, arena managment etc.

The goal is to create a group of maybe 20-30 managers that will influense the game over the seasons. I will put votes for how the game should be changed over the seasons. Its totally free. One vote could be if every manager should pay a small sum that will be given to the champion each year. But its totally free until you say so.

It will be both email and webbased. The website is not up yet (april 8) but it will be soon. At first it will be a static website and orders will be sent by email. Maybe it will change later but is better to promise as much as i can handle and then if time allows develop the game further.

If you are intrested please send an email with name of 2 goalies, 7 defenders, 7 midfielders and 6 attackers. Also decide a arena name and the name of your team. I will get back to you with all the needed information. The decision of names this early is made to get only serios playsers signing up.


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