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Email: nylonzebra@lycos.com [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: mutiple times per week
Type: adult fantasy
URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/WantonPleasuresRPG/info
Costs: free
Last-Update: 2001Jan25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, vampire, rpg


This is an ADULT FANTASY/BDSM RPG. Set in a fictional resort, guests are invited to choose from a variety of themed suites. Each suite opens into a hidden world and time. Guest are encouraged to explore the dark side of their passion as well as the realm they have chosen. All preferences, fantasies, desires,...etc are welcome with the exception of age play and bestiality (this means dogs, cats, the horse you rode in on...does not include were-creatures and furries). Lords, ladies, vampires, were-creatures, beach bunnies, aliens, satyres, centaurs....all manner of characters are allowed. Imagination and creative writing is a must, as players will create the worlds they find within the suite they have chosen.

This is a free-form fantasy roleplaying game for adults seeking to explore their sexuality.

MysticalRealms Suite:

Lords, ladies, knights, maidens, satyres chasing centuars.......A land where chivilary is questionable and a damsel in distress is an open invitation for plundering.

TropicalOceans Suite:

An island in the tropics with white sandy beaches, beautifull turquiose waters.... on never knows what can be found in the lush vegetation.

ImmortalNights Suite:

Ever fantasized about vampires? Werewolves? Shapeshifters? The suite offers you the opportunity to fullfill your darkest fantasies.

AlienWorld Suite:

Step into a world unlike any you have ever known. Here humans are the aliens. Make all your sci-fi wet dreams come true.

ForestLands Suite:

This suite offers a primeval forest, unspoiled by civilization. Here you can play Adam and Eve, Tarzan and Jane...or Adam and Tarzan, Jane and Eve. It's up to you the player.

TimeTrave Suite:

Dreamed of a journey down the Nile? Buying slaves in Ancient Rome? Playing leap frog Greek style? Travel thru time and tinker with history.


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