The Island Frontier

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Email: [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: Once per week (and Diplomacy twice per week)
Type: Fantasy diplomatic civilisation style game
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: Free
Last-Update: 2000Nov07
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, human, fantasy


*************************** Intro **********************************

The night is black. Whistling wind howls accross the rocky decks of 'Chaba's Spear', a vast ocean liner of Boatling craftmanship. A roaring burst of spume splashes high over the masts. Chaos. screaming. The storm is getting worse......

Within the third week of the journey the storms began. The Boatling crew worked hard to fight the dark seas, to no avail. Nature has no mercy and so now, upon sighting the Herid's Point island in the distance, many of the crew realised it was their only hope. So chaos goes on. A crack of white splits the air. It is bright. Sillohouetted trees. A beach. Thunder booms as all returns to darkness. There is a crunching and wrenching. The boat begins to sink. Your followers urge you to come with them. They tumble you into their life boat and row hard into the threatening shores. All around you many boats are sailing into the distance. Soon you will be safe.

You wake early in the morning. Your followers are readying a meal on the beach. You shall march into the island tomorrow and set up a camp. You had enemies on that vessel who are no doubt doing the same. You best prepare to defend yourself. Who knows what evils lurk among the eerie shadows of Herid's Point.

As your fort is built, you look to the setting sun. You are alone now. No laws or ethics defend you. Just your proud allies and your noble courage. You stand upon the hill top and glance to the ruins of your vessel smashed accross the beach. There is nothing here of the old life. There is no luxury now. You have arrived on the borders of civilisation. You have arrived on the Island Frontier....

*************************** End Intro ********************************

The entire game system revolves around the governing of a domain in a medi-evil society. Each player begins the game with the intention of developing his resources in such a way that he can triumph over his enemies. One must explore the lands, conquer new territories, and trade in information and economy with the neighbouring provinces. True victory will come with well planned stretegy, concern for the populous of one's domain and above all, trade and diplomacy.

The game will have thirty players, each with their own territories upon the island of Herid's Point. The game is completely hand moderated with turns running once per week. If players have contacts they may engage in seperate diplomacy orders a further twice per week. The game has it's own rule sysytem, created for the specific purpose to run the game.

This game involves a strong presence of diplomatic relations and email based role playing with other players. Although highly strategic at later stages in the game, I, as moderator, would say it is easy to learn and should not take too much time to issue orders.

The game will be left open ended until the island is dominated by either a) one ruler or b) one ruling alliance. New players are welcome to join at any time. Visit the site or send an email and we'll put you into the game if there is space.


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