English Civil War

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Costs: free
Frequency: 1/wk
Email: gwwebb1965@gmail.com
Type: Historical UK simulation
Last-Update: 2023Sep19
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, historical, wargame, rpg


THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR was a conflict between King Charles I and Parliament starting in 1642. For a variety of reasons, Parliament voted to take powers from the king and remove his control of the military. King Charles first tried arresting the most radical leaders, which failed and resulted in him fleeing London and establishing a new court in York. Next the king attempted to negotiate, but when that failed, he raised an army to oppose the Parliament. The game picks up at this point as both sides are raising armies and neighbors are turning on neighbors.

I need a couple of more players to fill out the game. Please specify if you prefer to play a Royalist or Parliamentary officer. We will play by email, with turns processed once per week. I can send you the rules if you are interested or just curious.


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