Blood Pit

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Once per week
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Gladiatorial Combat
Last-Update: 2023Aug18
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, fantasy


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What is Bloodpit?

Blood Pit is a game of gladiatorial combat that is set in a fantasy world. Unlike most computer games today however, Blood Pit does not rely on your reflexes or hand-eye coordination to determine the outcome. Instead, Blood Pit is a game of pure strategy and skill, where you will use your intellect and knowledge of tactics to outwit your opponents. In Blood Pit, you participate as the manager of a team of gladiators. Players may manage from as little as one, up to as many as five teams. Each team always consists of five individual warriors. As veteran warriors retire, or (more likely) die in combat, new recruits join the ranks, ensuring that each team always has exactly five members.

Combat takes place in the Blood Pit Arena. Here your gladiators will face opponents from other managers in single or group matchups, as you choose. Your objective is simple: through your training and guidance create, the most powerful and fearsome warriors the Pit has ever seen, crush the gladiators of your opponents, and dominate the Arena,

The BPClient

The Front-End program is what you're using now to play Blood Pit. It doesn't actually run the game, but displays your team(s) for you and allows you to make all the choices needed for each of your teams. After you are confident that your teams are ready to compete with others, this program will enable you to create a small instruction file, which you upload to the BPServer where you and the others play. On Saturdays you download your new results, and this program displays them for you.

The Back-End Program

The Back-End program is a program that runs a complete Blood Pit system. In addition to actually determining the results of the fights, the Back-End program allows the Keeper to start up new players who wish to play, configure the game or games he runs to suit his tastes, even edit information.

The current version of the Pit has been running for over twenty years.


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