USS Rhea

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Costs: Free
Frequency: As often as you want
Type: Star Trek, Space Fantasy, Nova
Last-Update: 2023Aug01
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek


After decades of strife and conflict faced against such threats as the Borg, the Dominion, the destruction of Romulus, and the attack on Mars, the United Federation of Planets is at the dawn of a new era. Starfleet is renewing its mission of peaceful exploration, diplomacy, and the expansion of knowledge. Among the starships spearheading this endeavor is the U.S.S. Rhea, commanded by Captain Kabon Praers and manned by one of the most biologically varied and culturally diverse crews in Starfleet History.

Assigned to the Seventh Fleet (Theta Fleet), the U.S.S. Rhea sits at Earth Space Dock waiting for the arrival of her crew. Soon they will head out to explore the Arachnid System, a sector within the Alpha Quadrant that has not been touched since it was first discovered in the mid-22nd century. What awaits the crew there only time will tell.

Currently the Rhea has the following opportunities open for new crew members:

Chief Science Officer Chief Flight Control Officer Chief Engineering Officer And many more openings!

We are a proud member of Theta Fleet and are a 2-2-2 rated sim/18+. If you are interested in any of our open positions please visit our website at: or our Discord at:


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