Phoenix Rising

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Type: Post-Apocalyptic
Last-Update: 2023Jul02
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


In 2061, World War III has ended and civilization as we know it has collapsed. Portland, Oregon is in sad shape. Once a beautiful city known for its rose gardens, breweries, and high quality of life, the city is now a war zone and crime and violence are everyday occurrences.

Gangs roam the streets of Portland, engaging in constant shootouts with one another and terrorizing local residents. People are killed on the streets every day, especially in the downtown area where gang violence is common. The gangs, armed to the teeth and whose members range in age from seven on up, are the most powerful force in the streets of Portland. They travel together in packs, and nobody dares challenge them! The gangs commit all sorts of violent crimes. Their crimes are the worst of the worst! Portland is also plagued by an organized crime syndicate called "The Company", which engages in drug trafficking and weapons trafficking and whose shipments and members are being targeted by the gangs. The city is also home to homeless children locals do not care to acknowledge and are called "The Lost".

Trying to stop the gangs is the unofficial new mayor of Portland, a tough woman, feminist, and environmentalist who is determined to stop the gangs and "The Company" and make Portland a wonderful place to live again and the all-female paramilitary group she leads, known as "The Crusaders".

"Phoenix Rising" is the story of the gangs, the Company,and the citizens of post-apocalyptic Portland, Oregon, told through the eyes of everybody involved.

Simmers can play as part of the following:

1. The Gangs 2. The Crusaders 3. The Company 4. Portland Resident/Other Character

To join: send e-mail to the GM at A character sheet will be provided for characters.


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