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Type: Superhero
Last-Update: 2023Jun27
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Deborah Kensington, a sixty-seven-year-old scientist and physician working at a Los Angeles laboratory and ready for retirement, makes a startling discovery while conducting research on a group of extraordinary people at her laboratory. She discovers a new form of DNA that grants those who possess it the power of healing. The DNA is dubbed "The Miracle Strain." Deborah constructs a device that can re-create the Strain from a single cell and from the samples synthesizes a drug that, when injected, gives the person injected with it the power of healing.

But two things happen that change Deborah's life forever. When she advertises for volunteers to receive test injections of the Strain, the volunteers an inexperienced colleague receive turn out to be members of a sinister Greek cult called "The Children of Olympus," a cult that worships the ancient Greek gods and is obsessed with finding the secret of immortality. This has disastrous results. The members of "The Children of Olympus" become immortal with incredible godlike powers which they will use to achieve world domination.

When terrorists attack the lab, an explosion in the lab releases the Strain into the lab. The amount of the Strain that is released is a gargantuan amount, and Deborah is exposed. She is injured in the explosion and is taken to the hospital, The effects of the Strain are immediate. Deborah's injuries heal quickly, baffling the doctors.

After leaving the hospital Deborah learns from one of her colleagues, Dr. Gary Arnold, that the explosion in the lab released an incredible amount of the Strain and that she was exposed. Deborah has Dr. Arnold examine her and Dr. Arnold discovers that the Strain is altering her present DNA and that she is changing.

Deborah is alarmed, but nothing can be done to stop the process. During the transformation many amazing things happen such as Deborah's cells regenerating, her skin losing its wrinkles and smoothing out, her gray hair replaced with her hair's natural blonde color, her eyesight becoming sharp and focused, her hearing becoming sharp, and her stamina returning.

Then one morning it happens. Deborah wakes up and discovers she has the appearance of a twenty-one-year-old woman and it's the appearance she had when she was twenty-one. As time passes Deborah also makes other amazing discoveries.

Deborah is now immortal. She can't age, get sick, get injured, or die. She also has amazing superhuman and supernatural powers. Deborah is angry. She doesn't want to be this way and asks Dr. Arnold to find a way to reverse the process. He looks for a way to reverse the process, but is unsuccessful. He tells Deborah there is no hope of a reversal of what has happened to her.

Deborah struggles with her immortality and her powers. Her husband, children, grandchildren, and friends shun her. She has trouble controlling her powers. But Dr. Arnold is there for her. He tells Deborah that rather than herself as a freak, she should embrace her powers. She agrees to do so.

Eventually Deborah embraces her immortality and her powers. She learns to use them, with Dr. Arnold's help. Deborah possesses many amazing powers.

She has superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman stamina, superhuman agility, incredible vision across all spectrums, heat vision, incredible hearing across all ranges, the ability to fly, immunity to radiation, the elements, all forms of weaponry, etc. telepathy, telekinesis, supernatural abilities such as the ability to perform magic, the ability to control the weather and earthquakes, the ability to hurl lightning bolts and shoot fire from her eyes, and many other amazing powers.

Dr. Arnold convinces Deborah to use her powers to fight evil and help others and makes her a costume. Deborah becomes the superheroine Supernatural and it turns out the world needs a superheroine. The evil Children of Olympus are out for world domination, a new terrorist organization called "The Legion" has emerged, a Mexican drug cartel is flooding the United States with a new deadly drug, and other villains are making their presence known.

Supernatural will have to contend with all of these foes. The Children of Olympus will be the most challenging as they have the same powers Supernatural does. But Supernatural will be there to protect mankind. She won't be alone.

Supernatural has allies who assist her in her fight against evil. The world's mutants have allied with her as have superheroes from a superhero organization called "Blake's Superhero Agency", led by a tough old woman named Toni Blake. Supernatural is also assisted by a group of teen superheroes called "The Teen Angels", by a mysterious motorcycle-riding being with the body of a man and a skull for a face, and by Centaur, a genetically-engineered half-man half-horse superhero who was created by an illegal genetics experiment.

Deborah Kensington has quit the laboratory. She is no longer a scientist and has taken on a new identity. When she is not battling evil she is disguised as a reporter for MSNBC. When there's trouble she ducks out of sight and transforms into Supernatural. She transforms by spinning.

Join Supernatural in her fight against evil. You can play as:

1. Mutant 2. Superhero from Blake's Superhero Agency 3. Member of the Teen Angela 4. Skullfaced Motorcycle Rider 5. Centsaur 6. Member of The Children of Olympus 7. The Legion 8. The Mexican Drug Cartel 9. Other Villain

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