Among the Wondergroves

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Whenever possible
Type: Fantasy rpg
Last-Update: 2022Aug03
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Welcome to the world of the Wondergreens, a land full of nonsensically named creatures, magic from beyond the pale, and wise fools on a journey to the fabled city of Zim-ta-zar.

About the Game -To play, you will be asked to create a character with a short questionnaire. This will determine your values and the kinds of moves you will most likely make. Email with the words Character Application in your subject line. I will send the questionnaire to you, along with basic game rules and themes.

-Combat is minimal, with swift resolution and a focus on the consequences.

-In the Wondergreens, people have beaks, horns, or other animal characteristics which will typically aid their path.

-Among the Wondergreens is a fantasy role-playing game which uses a token trading system called Wonder to determine success and failure. There are no dice, only narration and the trade of Wonder for awesome success. Wonder is awarded for superb roleplay.

-The Game Master is not the law, but a referee who happens to control NPCs. While the campaign will focus on travelers on their way to the spiraling city Zim-ta-zar, it is almost guaranteed to go anywhere from there.

Whether you encounter a wounded wumpus or have to parley with the Prince of the Pines, there is a fine path to tread on the way! Onward, Wonderers!


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