Walden's Bluff RPG

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Costs: No cost
Email: waldensbluffrpg@gmail.com
Frequency: Every 2-3 days
URL: http://waldensbluffrpg.pbworks.com/w/page/149230959/FrontPage
Type: Slice of Life
Last-Update: 2022Jul07
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern


Waldens Bluff, Oregon is known for its friendly small town population and its quiet charm. Located within driving distance of Portland, the seaside view serves as a vacation destination for tourists from all over the world.

Enjoy a peaceful stay at a local bed and breakfast, and rise in the morning ready for your personalized Oregon adventure. Get acquainted with the clear lakes, gorgeous mountain tops, and numerous hiking trails. After a day of exploring Mother Nature's vast playground, start your evening off at one of Waldens Bluff's many fine dining options. Don't forget about the night cap at any of our wineries or bars. Despite being seen as a popular holiday spot for out of town tourists, Waldens Bluff has managed to maintain its charm as larger, more populated areas have developed.

BREAKING NEWS: Waldens Bluff Police Investigating Possible Arson, Murder after Fire at Local Dispensary. The fire was started early Tuesday morning at The Kush Spot.




Waldens Bluff is owned and moderated by two experienced GMs - we've been writing RP for decades, collectively. As you can see, we post to Google Groups, and are open to writers who want to write via emails or via GoogleDocs with posts going to the Google Group for all community members' enjoyment.

We are LBGTQIA+ friendly, love to plot, and encourage communication. While the group is open to NSFW posting, we do not allow OOC harassment, for any reason. We maintain a Discord group for OOC chat and plotting, and we encourage folx to be friendly.

We do request a writing sample. You can reach us at waldensbluffrpg@..., if you'd like to ask questions and/or submit that writing sample.


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