The Bridgekeepers

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Costs: Free
Frequency: weekly
Type: fantasy, collaborative, play-by-email
Last-Update: 2022Mar14
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, fantasy



Flock Games hosts collaboratively-created, play-by-email games where the ongoing rules are defined and revised by the players and the gamemaster. Each turn, players and the gamemaster are allowed to propose one change to the game rules. All proposed changes to the game are reviewed and voted on by the players and the gamemaster. If the proposal receives a majority of votes, it's added to the rulebook for the next turn.

A Flock Game begins with a basic set of concepts and rules around a theme. With rules changes proposed every turn, the goal is for the game to mature into an immersive experience that is fun to play. All Flock Games include an evolving ruleset. Every game is a journey.

The plan is to launch a series of game concepts under by Flock Games over the course of the coming years. We presently host one game at a time. Future games will have new gamemasters.

The current game is called The Bridgekeeprs and the gamemaster is Raven Zachary. The approved nouns submitted by the players for this game included: bridgekeeper, immortal, secret societies, civilization, island, and caste.


You are a Bridgekeeper: a being from another reality that guards the entrance from this world to your own. Many realities have converged here, on a mysterious island on an unknown world. In this place, you are ethereal, potent, untouchable...immortal. You can exert influence over this world and interact with it, but the inhabitants of this world and the other Bridgekeepers have no power over you here. You are safe from harm, but the same cannot be said for those who serve you.

On this island are magical beasts to be tamed, sites of power, minions brought here by the Bridgekeepers from their own realities, and a populace that secretly worships and serves the newly-arrived Bridgekeepers as gods among men. In addition, warring civilizations have sailed to this place in search of riches and the new gods. These outsiders think little of the local population of this island who have come here as exiles, outcasts of a lower caste escaping persecution. Throughout the island are those that rally to your side, members of secret societies who serve your cause and work against those who challenge your authority.

Relationships between the Bridgekeepers are dynamic and complex. While open warfare is known to take place from time to time among various factions, Bridgekeepers often work together against common threats and are known to convene a Council of the Bridgekeepers in times of need to share information and maintain their collective dominance over the island.

Your goal in The Bridgekeepers is to bend this island and its inhabitants to your will, increase your influence on the Council, and guarantee the survival of your own reality by steadfastly guarding the bridge to your home.


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