Apollo Station

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Costs: None
Frequency: Multiple times a day
Email: pjharveyisthelaw@gmail.com
URL: http://apollorpg.jcink.net [ dead link ]
Type: Space opera
Last-Update: 2021Dec30
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, abstract


The year is 2387 and it is three months after the Hobus supernova. The Frontier-class Apollo station has been established by Starfleet in orbit of Rigel V to assist with three politically tumultuous situations, as well as to establish a Federation foothold deep in Orion Syndicate territory:

The fracture in Rigelian society between the younger generation who want to assimilate into the Federation, and the older generation who want to preserve Rigelian cultural practices that are against Federation law (such as slavery).

Managing the resettlement zone/refugee colony Refugee Zone 17, located on Rigel V's moon Kalailah. Constructing settlements, cities, medical facilities, getting food and water, and terraforming inhospitable and uninhabited sections of the M-class moon to fulfil the residents that have been assigned to live there.

The aftermath of the Vulcan Science Academy's decision to deny Ambassador Spock's petition to use the red matter device to protect ch'Rihan (Romulus) from destruction in the first place, and the nationalistic groups that have cropped up in response to perceived Federation interference and Federation responsibility.

We're a month in with ~1k posts between six active writers. We're a group of people who have known one another for a while and pretty much just want to get out there and RP with limited restrictions. We're a community of adults, we trust our writers to delve into the grit, and don't try to police things too heavily.

If that sounds like you, come check us out on Discord! We like to collaborate so we're happy to jump you into the RP in whatever way is most interesting to you. We have many open positions and you are free to choose your character's starting rank and job, provided the billet is available.

We have many different areas to play in including the station, Rigel V, RZ17, Starfleet Academy, and our sister ship the USS Echo.


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