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Type: Horror/War
Last-Update: 2021Aug18
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For centuries there have been sightings of a legendary creature worldwide called by many names: Yeti, Yeren, Yowie, Sasquatch, Bigfoot. The creature inhabits all the world's continents and has managed to adapt to any climate. In most encounters the creature has avoided humans and not done humans any harm. But that is far from the truth. This creature, a living relative of a prehistoric giant ape known as Gigantopithecus, is a savage beast. He is not the reclusive gentle giant of the wilderness people think he is.

1855. A war known as the Human-Bigfoot War took place in the western United States, when a group of settlers in a mountain community were attacked by Sasquatch. The settlers were barely able to escape with their lives.

1889. A trapper named Bauman was killed by a Sasquatch in the mountains of Idaho, a famous incident recounted in a book written by future President Theodore Roosevelt.

1924. A group of miners are attacked by Sasquatch in a canyon near Mount Saint Helens. They fought off the Sasquatch from inside their cabin, but barely escaped with their lives.

1977. Scientist Chuck Evans leads an expedition into a remote mountain valley in British Columbia, Canada, hoping to solve the mystery of the Sasquatch. Their camp is ransacked by Sasquatch, forcing Evans and his team to leave.

In 2021, a solar eclipse sets off a terrifying chain of events. In Washington State, an off-the-grid eco-friendly community near Mount Rainier is destroyed. Its inhabitants have been slaughtered and the community destroyed. Around the world reports of human women and children being kidnapped by mysterious hairy giants appear on the news and mysterious attacks on humans by giant hairy manlike creatures are reported all over the world. In the United States and Canada attacks are taking place in all fifty states and all Canadian provinces and territories. In a matter of time these attacks spread to civilization as these creatures enter cities and towns and attack humans.

The Sasquatch has declared war on mankind and humans are forced to take up arms and defend themselves. War has broken out between the Sasquatch and man.

"Devolution" is the story of that war, which rages worldwide. In vicious battles between man and this giant beast, humans are killed by rocks thrown by Sasquatch and by deadly weapons fashioned from trees as well as experiencing the incredible strength of the Sasquatch. Sasquatch fall as rounds from human weapons tear them apart. Elite forces are put together to fight the Sasquatch. It's a war between man and the beast of the wilderness.

And as the war rages, Sasquatch adapt. They learn how to use human weapons and learn human speech, and they mysteriously develop the ability to teleport and shapeshift. There is a question that must be asked. What caused this war? Might humanity's destruction of nature-pollution of the air and water, desertification, deforestation, logging of the forests, wanton killing of wildlife, climate change-have something to do with it?

Your character is on the front lines of the war between humanity and the Sasquatch, which rages on every continent, in all fifty U.S. states, and in all Canadian provinces. You can play as either a Sasquatch fighting for your habitat, your tribe, and your offspring as a human character, either military or civilian, fighting for your life against a beast whose strength is far greater than your own, or as a human who has been kidnapped and is being held captive in the wilderness by Sasquatch. What do you do? Do you try to escape or will you comer to learn about the Sasquatch and assimilate into the Sasquatch tribe? Or will you feel that the war is wrong and try to find a way to end it?

Join "Devolution"! You can play as a human on the front lines, as a Sasquatch, as a human captive of the Sasquatch, or as a character who wants to find a way to end the war. To join, contact the GM at A character sheet will be provided upon request.


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