USS Pereiculum

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Frequency: once a week
Type: Star Trek PbNova
Last-Update: 2021Aug18
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


Any word can gain a deeper meaning and importance when life and fate change direction. And that is no different for the word Periculum. Coming from Latin meaning accident, it can also indicate "danger" or "caution". It all depends on the situation.

The USS Periculum was originally christened to patrol and scout in order to help those in trouble. But when the Periculum herself gets in trouble, her namesake takes on a deeper meaning. Join this mixed crew of Romulans and Federation officers, lost and forced to work together. Find out what it takes to navigate this accident, danger lurking around every unknown corner.

This game will see players as Starfleet Officers or Romulan Officers, fighting to survive together in a distant world. It will be a unique setting for any Star Trek writer and roleplayer.


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