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Frequency: Weekly
Type: WWII RPG set in Occupied Guernsey
Last-Update: 2021Jul13
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


Remains is a historical RP set in German-occupied Guernsey during WWII. Guernsey, a Crown dependency (a territory of the United Kingdom), is an island halfway between the British mainland and France. In June of 1940, as the Allies suffered bitter defeat in the Battle of France, Britain withdrew its protection from Guernsey and left the Channel Islands to face the German war machine alone.

Guernsey was conquered by Germany on 30 June without a single shot fired and was soon overrun by German troops of all branches of the Wehrmacht. Under German rule the islanders were forced to live by German law and cut off from contact with their Allied friends and relatives. Their radios were confiscated to cut off BBC broadcasts, and most of the information the islanders received was filtered through German propaganda.

Even as the Germans and islanders alike struggled to coexist more-or-less peacefully, incidents of violence and resistance took place. Crimes under German law resulted in the offenders being deported to camps in Germany. For the most part, deported islanders never returned.

More detailed information about the background and setting can be found in our detailed plot thread, in addition to our many other resources.

Other Notes: We're a long-standing site (our original iteration began in 2015 and did not see a drop in activity until we decided to reboot in order to give members the chance to RP the beginning of the Occupation) with a very dedicated staff team and base of members. There's no need to be a history buff to join and nor do we have a word count; we're a close-knit, friendly gang who are more than happy to lend a hand to help you fit in.


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