Loyalty Binds Us

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Frequency: Weekly
URL: https://loyaltybindsus.jcink.net/
Type: Alternate History, Tudor-Era RPG
Last-Update: 2021Jul13
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


It's 1519. Arthur Tudor, having survived the illness that killed him in real life, has been King of England for 10 years, ruling beside Catherine of Aragon. The Renaissance is in full swing, the royal court drawing artists, writers and poets from all over Europe. With the War of Roses over, it seems Arthur and Catherine have delivered on a promise: that their reign will bring peace to England.

If only if were that simple. On mainland Europe, the flames of the Reformation sweep across the Continent, and Martin Luther's crusade has not left England untouched. Already, the Reformation has found friends at court... and enemies. There are those who would see the Catholic Church reformed, those who would see England break with it entirely, and those who would see heretics burn. Religion is fast becoming one of the defining conflicts of the age.

Moreover, the line of succession is far from clear. With no male child to make their heir, Arthur and Catherine have crowned their only daughter as Princess of Wales, bringing tensions to a head. The Duke of York, Prince Henry, is the next male in the Tudor line. He would never stand against his brother, but he knows the dangers of placing his young, sweet niece in power. The remaining Yorkists, old rival claimants whose family was decimated in the War of Roses, are circling, praying for the restoration of their family to the throne.

Every person must decide who they stand with: Tudor or Yorkist, Reformers or Catholics. And they must try to keep their heads in the process.

Loyalty Binds Us. No word count.


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