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Frequency: Weekly
URL: https://eleutheria.jcink.net/
Type: Ancient Greece RPG
Last-Update: 2021Jul13
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, historical, rpg


Eleutheria is a realistic Historical forum set in Classical Greece in the year 404 BC with a bit of a twist. What would Greece be without the Gods that were worshiped at the time in play? As the only active Historical Greek site on Jcink, we've done our best to create lore that is understandable, relevant, and accurate for the time. We are an engaged group of writers who love to plot and create stories while ensuring all members feel welcome, included, and valued for their ideas and content.

Our goal on Eleutheria is to ensure creators feel like they're stepping back in time when they enter our world. As a complement to the field of Historical sites, we welcome the exploration of events and character growth through historically inspired myths and stories. Classical Greece was rife with love, lust, warfare, political upheaval, turmoil, and debauchery. As a 3/3/3 rated site, we encourage our writers to explore all aspects of ancient Greek society, including those that are taboo and often hidden in the back pages of our history books.

We are always accepting new plots and ideas. Our global plots are fluid and can change the course of history at any moment. No story is preconceived, and our members have the capability of shaping the world around them through their own actions. Below is a list of the Kingdoms currently in play on Eleutheria. Our site begins its story just after the end of the Peloponnesian war when, after the loss of their naval fleet a year before, a beleaguered Attica has surrendered to Sparta and Peloponnesus. Now with a transition of power imminent, insurgents are anxious for conflict and a desire to take control.

Attica Once known to have the greatest Naval fleet in all of Greece, Attica has been inundated with plague and a strengthening Spartan armada. After the battle of Hellespont where their fleets were decimated on the open water, Attica is weak and has no choice but to surrender to Peloponnesus. Now faced with a Tyrannical Monarchy that is replacing the kingdom's once Democratic system, Attica and it's capital city of Athens must adjust to new leadership. Will they rebel and fight for their freedom again? Or embrace the ways of their enemies and the culture of Sparta?

Peloponnesus Known for their military state, Peloponnesus believes their warriors are created from birth. Raised from children to be soldiers, their emphasis is on warfare and territory expansion. Ruthless in battle, Peloponnesus takes no prisoners, and those they do are quickly forced to bend the knee and serve. But the Peloponnesian war lasted decades and has left the kingdom weaker and financially strapped. With Attica now under their control, valuable resources are being funneled into the once rival kingdom to rebuild, much to the chagrin of their allies. Sparta's disinterest in trade and outside influence leaves them vulnerable when allegiances are critical. Will their stubbornness to remain exclusive from the rest of Greece hinder their growth, or will they rise above their critics' concerns to become the empire they've always dreamed of being?

Olympus Normally shrouded in secrecy, the veil between the realms of Gods and men have been torn, and we welcome our readers to follow along with the mythological Deities that influence their characters lives. Mortals are not permitted to enter Olympus, Oceanus, or the Underworld, but that doesn't mean the Gods won't influence them from their realm or the mortal plane. Creatures of a mythological nature have been known to be cast into special events where mortals can test their mettle against some of the most fearsome beasts ever believed to walk the earth.

Other Notes: While historical settings can be daunting, we have done our best to break down the world into a format that is easy to learn so members can jump into play. We're always eager for new friends to join us with exciting ideas, and our community is convinced anyone and everyone can write within a historical theme. Just like modern cultures, the Greeks were a complex people with deep-seated beliefs and a love for family, friends, and their faith. Eleutheria is an intermediate to advanced site, but our emphasis is on the ability for members to carry and move a plot forward, rather than word count.


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