USS Polaris

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Costs: free
Frequency: as much as you like
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Type: RPG, Creative Writing, Star Trek
Last-Update: 2021Jun15
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg


The year is 2699. The United Federation of Planets has finally done it. The galaxy is at peace. All races and species from the known quadrants of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta can sit at the same table without taking up arms. So Star Fleet can go back to what it was developed for and the is exploration.

Off in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, the USS Ganymede, a science and exploration vessel, who was captained by Captain Tina Artex, discovered a strange looking asteroid and went to investigate. While taking samples of the asteroid, a strange phenomenon occurred. Out of no where a wormhole appeared. A stable wormhole at that too. Being the ever curious explorer that she is, Captain Artex took the Ganymede, through the wormhole and what she found on the other side was amazing. A whole new uncharted and undiscovered part of the galaxy.

So after sending probes and recording data from this new place the Ganymede, recorded her findings and sent back the information to Star Fleet and returned back through the wormhole and came home.

After a years time, in the year, 2700. Star Fleet Command, commissioned a new fleet, called the Sigma Fleet, for the new part of the galaxy was dubbed the The Sigma Quadrant.

Only the best and the brightest of Star Fleet personnel was chosen to lead the expedition. So the newest ship in the fleet, the USS Polaris NCC 100001 was commissioned by Star Fleet to be the first ever mobile Command vessel. It's mission is to travel through the wormhole and chart the uncharted, discover the undiscovered and make first contact all while maintaining the Prime Directive.

So explorers, are you ready for a new adventure? If so, please join me Captain Tyzon Laque and the crew of USS Polaris as we dive deep in to the Sigma Galaxy. So set your warp factors to maximum and strap in and enjoy the ride.


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