Star Trek: Catalonia

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Last-Update: 2021Mar30
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It's the dawn of the twenty-fifth century. The Federation continues its mission of peaceful exploration of the galaxy and establishing contact with other civilizations. The Federation continues its mission of peaceful exploration of the galaxy and contact with new species while defending Federation space. But trouble is brewing.

The Klingon-Federation Alliance has broken down and the Klingons, now under the leadership of a new Chancellor of the High Council, are once again on a path of conquest and warfare. The Borg have returned. The Romulan Star Empire has risen again under Empress Sela, the daughter of the alternate-timeline Tasha Yar from "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The Dominion has once again become a threat, as have the Gorn, the Orions, and the Tholians. A secessionist movement has come into existence on Bajor, now a member of the Federation. But there are positive developments as well. The Cardassians and the Ferengi have both allied themselves with the Federation, as have the newly reunited Sona and Baku and the Borg faction under Hugh. The Federation has also established contact with the Tamarians, the race that talks in metaphors.

And the underground movement to reunite the Romulan race with their Vulcan cousins continues under Saavik.

Amidst all these events a new starship is launching: the USS Catalonia, a new Sovereign-class starship. Its captain and most of its crew have been killed and a new Pakled captain, who has adopted the human name of Joey Crane, is commanding. Join the crew of the USS Catalonia. Deep Space Nine and its crew will also be covered in this sim.

Available Positions:

1. First Officer 2. Chief of Security/Tactical Officer 3. Ship's Counselor 4. Operations Officer 5. Chief Engineer 6. Helmsman 7. Chief Diplomatic Officer 8. Assistant Chief Engineer 9. Klingon Character 10. Borg Character 11. Romulan Character 12. Founder 13. Dominion Character 14. Gorn Character 15. Orion Character 16. Tholian Character 17. Bajoran Character 18. Cardassian Character 19. Ferengi Character 20. Sona/Baku Character 21. Member of Hugh's Borg Faction 22. Commander of Deep Space Nine 23. Tamarian Character 24. Romulan Unificationist 25. Deep Space Nine Crew Member

Other ships and crews will be welcome. Just give me a rundown of those ships and crews and bios of their characters. Characters of both canon and non-canon races are permitted. Someone is needed to play Empress Sela.


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