AD&D 1st Edition - First Time Players Welcome!

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Twice per Week
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2020Dec28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Looking to start a casual and fun AD&D campaign using the first edition rules. Players who are new to 1st edition, or new to D&D entirely, are absolutely welcome. We will be using a combination of original and published materials; we'll talk first to make sure you're not familiar with anything be used!

Looking for a group of 4-6 players. Everything will be done via e-mail. I'll send out an email each Tuesday and responses will be due by midnight Thursday; another email will go out by Saturday morning, with responses due by midnight on Sunday (EST; if we get international players, we can adjust to make it work).

Characters will start at first level and be limited to classes and races covered in the AD&D 1st edition players handbook. If you need a copy of this book, Google is your friend. PDFs can also be bought at places like

Will try to fit the pacing so there is a natural stopping point after a few months, at which point we can decide to continue or not.

Any questions, please ask. Hoping to start sometime mid January.


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