Palais de la Concorde

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Costs: Free
Frequency: Once per week
Type: Politics, Star Trek
Last-Update: 2020Jul12
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, startrek, rpg



President Jarul Bezar of Trill is resigning the Presidency amidst health concerns with her Trill Symbiont. The statement from Palais de la Concorde was brief and her staff has expressed the President's wishes to keep this a private matter.

However, the Federation Capitol is already in a frenzy over rumors and speculation over the sudden resignation of the President, especially as the latest Gorn War comes to a close and negotiations continue regarding the Gorn-occupied planets of Canterra and Cestus III, the latter a Federation Member.

While Starfleet and the Department of Defense, led by Secretary Vritika Chakrabarti, are being hailed for their swift decisiveness to bring the war to a close, President Bezar continues to suffer attacks at her Administration's slow response to the surprise Gorn Attack on Xavier Fleet Yards in 2388.

While supporters of the President have rallied around her, with several vigils planned tonight prior to her departure, many of her opponents, especially supporters of President Nanietta Bacco, have celebrated her resignation, especially since President Bezar criticized some of President Bacco's policies.

Councillor Eryv ch'Azaarhir, more well known as Councillor Zaar, of Andoria is emerging as a leading contender to replace President Bezar. Many political commentators note his Starfleet experience as well as his standing as the Chairman of the Federation Security Council and representing one of the founding members of the Federation.

The Special Election for the next President is expected to occur this fall as the Federation Council prepares to select a President Pro Tempore to serve until then.


Are you interested in shaping the policies of the Federation, maybe becoming the next President?

Join us at Palais de la Concorde, a play-by-forum political sim that explores the politics of Star Trek, in the same vein of historical politics sims USGovsim, POLUK, POLCAN, etc.


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