Heroes of Thedas

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Heroes of Thedas is a Dragon Age PBP RPG, where players can dive into any timeline within the series! No word count. Canons and original characters are welcome! We'll be roleplaying both canon and original plots.

World States - Summarized

DA:O (9:30 - 9:31):

Origin: Aedan Cousland - Human; Male; Fereldan Noble; Warrior Landsmeet: Alistair becomes King; Anora remains under house arrest. Warden's Fate: Made the ultimate sacrifice; did not perform Morrigan's dark ritual.

DA:O - Awakening (9:31):

Origin: Leonie Caron - Human; Female; Orlesian Noble; Class TBD by player; Knight Commander of the Ferelden Grey Wardens & interim Arlessa of Amaranthine

DA:2 (9:30 - 9:37):

Origin: Garrett Hawke - Human; Male; Humorous; Rogue Sided: Mages Anders' Fate: Spared, but Garrett did not approve of what Anders had done.

Other Canon Events (9:37 - 9:41)

The Silent Grove, Those Who Speak, Until We Sleep: all 3 are digital comics - definitely canon to our world state, but we'll leave it to the players involved should they wish to role-play out these narratives in-game vs. off screen via Thedas of Days Past. Asunder: also canon to our game world, but again we'll let players decide if they wish to role-play these events in-game.

Inquisition (9:41 - 9:44+):

Origin: Evelyn Trevelyan - Human; Female; Fereldan Noble; Mage Sided: Templar Order Alliance (most Circles have been reformed and/or are currently being rebuilt)

The New Divine: While the Inquisitor supported Vivienne's candidacy for the next Divine, Grand Cleric Victoire* played the Game better in the end--taking the Sunburst Throne for herself at the midnight hour. The task of keeping the peace as well as reforming and rebuilding old institutions associated with the Orlesian Chantry fell to its new divine. Given the name Divine Victoria, Victoire immediately enacted reform: a new Templar Order and a new Circle of Magi. She issued a proclamation denouncing the Inquisition, prompting it to be - at least publicly - dissolved. Initially, Divine Victoria had wanted its members arrested but pressure from the monarchies of both Orlais and Ferelden prompted her to issue many of its key members a formal pardon instead. * We have decided on this alternative so that anyone looking to play either Vivienne, Cassandra, or Leliana will have a bit more creative freedom in-game.

Elected Grand Enchanter: Although Vivienne lost the race for Sunburst Throne, she was elected Grand Enchanter of the Circle of Magi. Her inauguration was not as triumphant as she had hoped, however. Those veteran mages of the Inquisition who did not return to the fold formed a new College of Enchanters as a rival organization to her circle.

Fate of the Mages: Many mages refused the Divine and Grand Enchanter's invitation to rejoin the Circle of Magi. However, this new mage rebellion did not last, as the new Divine and the new Grand Enchanter united to bring down their fury upon them. Some mages surrendered; others returned to the remnants of the Inquisition. Either way, the new Circle of Magi now stands triumphant.

Fate of the Templars: Many templars went on to follow in the footsteps of Commander Cullen, going through the slow and agonizing process of lyrium withdrawal. Many rejoin the Templar Order under the new Divine - on the condition that her leash will not be reattached.

Fate of the Seekers: TBD by Cassandra's player.

Fate of the Grey Wardens: Those Grey Wardens who survived the battle at Adamant ventured north into exile. They returned to the mighty fortress of Weisshaupt, and word slowly spreads that a battle for control of the Order has erupted. Slowly, the Wardens withdraw from across the north as well. Some believe the ancient order is on the verge of vanishing forever.; the southern Grey Wardens still based out of Ferelden split from the northern faction.

Fate of Orlais: Empress Celene reconciled/reunited with both Briala & Gaspard; Celene proves instrumental in granting many key members of the Inquisition full pardons after Divine Victoria denounces the faction.

Fate of Ferelden: On the verge of another civil war (this is an original, non-canon plot) between Anora's supporters, who demand her freedom, and Alistair's royalists.

The Qunari: Few knew what debates were waged in Par Vollen, but not long after the Exalted Council, the Qunari launched new attacks against Tevinter. Their aggression caught the already unstable Imperium off guard. Tevinter was soon mired in a war many feared could spread across Thedas. Whispers in Val Royeaux suggested that the Qunari had asked Divine Victoria to assist them. None yet know of her answer. Historically, the two Divines--Orlesian and Imperial--had often united against Qunari threats leaving many to wonder what decision Divine Victoria will ultimately come to in the end. Thus far, the Qunari have already conquered the city of Ventus, known in the past as Qarinus, and the Nocen Sea remains the site of ongoing naval battles between the Imperium's fleet and Qunari dreadnoughts. Rumours of the inevitability of an Exalted March have begun to swirl throughout Thedas.

The Elves: After the events at the Winter Palace, elves left the Inquisition under mysterious circumstances, as did elven servants across Thedas. None could say where they went, but those who believed the Inquisitor's story about Fen'Harel wondered just how large the Dread Wolf's forces were... and what the ancient elven rebel had planned.

Fate of the Inquisition: In short order, by 9:44, the Inquisition was forced to disband. Some were relieved to see the unpredictable organization dismantled. Others preferred to remember the Inquisition's good works and the many lives it had saved. Those who had served returned to their former lives, knowing they had stopped a great evil from destroying the world and hoping that the peace for which they had fought remained, once the Inquisition was gone.

Post-Trespasser: The Inquisition, though officially disbanded, begins to recruit again in secret.


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