Terminator: Dark Fate II

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Email: joeyjolley1975@gmail.com
Type: Science Fiction
Last-Update: 2020May03
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


A year after the events in "Terminator: Dark Fate" Sarah Connor is training Dani Ramos in a remote location to be the future leader of the Resistance. Grace is growing up, unaware of her future role as the protector of Dani Ramos. The REV-9 Terminator has been defeated.

In 2042, LEGION is aware that the REV-9 has failed to kill Dani Ramos and that Grace did her job to protect Dani. But the AI system will not be deterred. Deciding to up the ante, LEGION decides to eliminate the future Resistance fighters, including Grace.

The system sends back an army of REV-9s to do the job.

Meanwhile, the Resistance has captured two obsolete Legion Terminators, REV-2s, reprogrammed them, and sent them to the past to protect Dani Ramos and young Grace.

Between the defeat of the original T-101 in 1984 and the arrival of the reprogrammed T-101s, Skynet sent a team of T-101s back in time to eliminate the members of the original Resistance. They were to wait until they received news of their targets and then eliminate them. But with the elimination of the "Skynet" future these Terminators were left without a purpose until "Carl" reprogrammed them and left a message as to where to find them. Meanwhile another protector is sent from the future.

Available Positions:

1. Dani Ramos 2. Sarah Connor 3. Young Grace 4. Legion REV-9 5. Reprogrammed REV-9 6. Reprogrammed T-101 7. Other Character

To join: send a character biography to the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com. A character sheet will be provided. If you want to play Sarah Connor, Dani Ramos, or young Grace just say so.


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