Charms and Slayers

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Costs: 0
Frequency: Weekly
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2020Mar24
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, vampire, rpg


A Harry Potter, Buffy the vampire slayer and Charmed crossover rpg. These 3 great groups of magical awesomeness all live on modern Earth and it's only logical that their paths would eventually cross. And they do. The year is 2000. Voldemort has been dead for a little over a year, and we're at the end of Buffy season 4, and Charmed season 2. The key has been hidden well, but things are still getting out of control through the use of key like power. When British wizards meet Charmed ones in San Francisco connections and discoveries are made. When the key illustrated problems come to the attention of the watcher of a certain slayer, a road trip is in order.

Original characters are welcome when owner approved via filling out our profile form and many canons are needed. Check the taken canon file for each of the 3 groups to see who is already claimed and lets get the magic going!


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