Middgeard - An Atlantis 5.2.0 Game

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Costs: -
Frequency: Weekly
URL: http://middgeard.redirectme.net/ [ dead link ]
Type: Fantasy
Last-Update: 2020Feb06
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, gui, rpg, opensource


Playing Atlantis Atlantis (as you undoubtedly already know) is a play by email game. When you sign up for Atlantis, you will be sent a turn report (via web download). Your report completely details your position in the game. After going over this report, and possibly communicating with other players in the game, you determine your course of action, and create a file of 'orders', which you then send back to the Atlantis server (web upload). Then, at a regular interval (a week), Atlantis collects all the orders, runs another turn (covering one month in game time), and sends all the players another report.

This Atlantis world is called Middgeard.


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