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Costs: Variable. Based on rpg/factual play at present testing so free
Email: Bobandbina@outlook.com
Frequency: One per week maximum
Type: Tribal, Low Fantasy, political, war
Last-Update: 2019Nov22
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, snail, mixed, fantasy, wargame, economic, rpg


Dragonborn took 3 years to make. It's an initially tribal game with depths and interests never seen before. Your tribe is s fairly complex (or easy if you wish) living body. Political Houses can be run, temples too and other possibilities as the test goes on. You can build, conquer or ask for political arms for war and territory and factions exist already that you can fight or join. It's what YOU want entirely really, and a good test is the only way to make sure it works first. You won't look at it and collapse your ming, but so far we've had a blast. All testers will retain what they've done. So. Test a great game in all the old ways with easy aids to give instant calculations before you work out your final actions. It's tribal, war based, economically based and fun. If you feel that you want to see examples, email me and we go from there!




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