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The year is 2395, and the Federation is celebrating several decades of peace between the Alpha Quadrant powers. For the previous fifteen years Starfleet has rebuilt its infastructure from the loss of the Dominion War, which is now fading into memory and has begun its primary mission of exploring new worlds, establishing first contact with new civilizations and venturing where no one has gone before.

The Starship Missouri is one of those exploration vessels. The Missouri is named after the famous American Battleship, the USS Missouri which was the third ship of the Iowa Class Battleships. The USS Missouri was made famous as she was the last battleship that the United States of America ever built, and she had a long service history. She is best known to be the ship where the Japanese signed the surrender of the Japanese Empire on, this ending the Second World War and Pacific War. Today the USS Missouri, known as the "Mighty Mo" sits in Pearl Harbor where she docked there in 1992 as a Museum Ship after over 48 years of service.

However today in the Star Trek Timeline, the USS Missouri is not a big powerful battleship, but an Intrepid Class Cruiser. She was built as a Standard Intrepid Class with the same Specifications Loadout as the USS Intrepid. However Starfleet recognised the potential of the Intrepid Class and after reverse engineering technology brought back from the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager they refitted the Intrepids into a new sub-class named the Intrepid II. The Missouri is one of only a few with these such upgrades, so the ship has some nice fancy technology to keep things interesting.

The Missouri is currently serving in Theta Fleet, in Task Force 23 and is Commanded by Captain Kagami Izumi. We are a play by NOVA Star Trek Role Playing Game and have a minimum age requirement of fifteen to participate due to content.


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